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Medicaid Enhanced Staffing Reimbursement Reports

We can prepare your annual Texas Enhanced Staffing Reports. We prepare reports for Texas nursing homes, ICF/MR, HCS, PHC and CBA programs. We can also provide you with calculations to show where you are regarding any recoupment from the State.

Desk Review and Audit - We can assist you in a desk review or audit of your Texas Enhanced Staffing Reports. Our staff has experience in all types of reviews including skilled nursing homes, ICF/MR, HCS, PHC and CBA programs.

Planning Ahead - We can provide you with up-front guidance on the pay rates and staffing costs you need to meet your requirements as you start a new year. We can also prepare mid-year calculations for you to determine if you are on-track to meeting your enhanced staffing requirements as you go through the year. This allows you to manage your labor costs properly, know where you are in regards to recoupment and make adjustments during the year to possibly avoid recoupments.

Please call today to discuss how we may help you with your Enhanced staffing reporting needs at 817-469-6800.

Enhanced Staffing Reimbursement Report Pricing

Our Reimbursement Report prices are transparent, flat, all-inclusive and among the lowest in the industry. No hidden fees. No hidden costs.

Enhanced Staffing Reimbursement Report Checklist/Form

Nursing Home Enhanced Staffing Report


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