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Medicaid Cost Report Preparation

L. Beardsley CPA, Inc. prepares annual Medicaid cost reports, schedules, and electronic submission files. We also prepare the “Crosswalk” which ties our clients’ books to their cost reports and provides a necessary audit trail. We prepare Medicaid cost reports for all 50 states for all programs requiring a cost report.

With over 50 years of combined Medicaid cost report preparation experience the L. Beardsley CPA team has the experience and in-depth knowledge needed to ensure that you receive timely reports and maximized reimbursements.

Optimize your revenue with timely Medicaid cost reports

Compiling answers and preparing Medicaid cost reports is a difficult and time consuming process. Compliance and accuracy are essential to guaranty uninterrupted payments and to protect your cash flow; unforeseen delays and expenses divert time and resources from your core activities. Approaching the process alone and unprepared can be costly, and errors can be prohibitive. Relying on L. Beardsley CPA, Inc. is both the safest and the most cost-effective way to prepare your Medicaid cost report.

L. Beardsley CPA, Inc. is one of the largest and oldest dedicated providers of Medicaid reimbursement and cost report services in the nation. We learned our trade in the field as owners and operators of health care providing organizations. We realized that the compliance expertise acquired while compiling cost reports would be better served in a dedicated organization. So, along with other CPA’s, we launched Southwest Financials, Inc., the firm that later became L. Beardsley CPA, Inc. Twenty years on and with Medicaid cost report experience now acquired in almost all US States, our team has the expertise that you need to turn your Medicaid cost report preparation into a seamless revenue optimization opportunity.

Please call today to discuss how we may help you with your Medicaid cost reporting needs at (817) 469-6800.

Why should you rely on us for your Medicaid cost report preparation?

With thousands of cost reports filed since the 1980’s, the L. Beardsley CPA team has developed a unique body of knowledge pertaining to the Medicaid cost reporting process and to individual state’s procedural idiosyncrasies. We understand the principles involved, the rate setting methodologies and the audit and appeal process. We have also built a no-nonsense methodology that both saves YOUR time and makes us the most competitive Medicare cost report preparer in the Nation.

Our staff attends regular trainings in the preparation of all Medicaid cost reports to ensure that it stays abreast of changes in reporting requirements. Beyond Medicaid State regulations, our staff is trained in current best practice for the handling of confidential patient or financial information.

To facilitate the compilation and filing of Medicaid cost reports we created and maintain a library of forms which you can access via our site. These forms are checklists which you can use to plan your data gathering, and to provide us with the information we need to prepare and submit your cost report. They are PDF fill-in documents which allow you to save and print or e-mail the information you filled in. See our Medicaid cost report forms below.

To facilitate the management of your cost reports and accessing past information, we have built a unique-in-the-industry File Cabinet system. Our File Cabinet is a personally controlled record system that is ubiquitously accessible via our website. It is also a means to securely exchange files and automatically notify you and our staff of uploaded document availability. As against what happens in traditional document management software, the records stored in this system reside with our clients and our clients grant permission to us and to their peers, and other third party users of accounting records (owners, auditors, IRS).

Our prices are flat and all-inclusive, and we make absolutely sure that they remain among the lowest in our industry. Many are the firms which boast that they can provide Medicaid cost report preparation services in their websites; few are the ones that have the expertise, tools and procedures in place to do the job in time and on budget. Preparing Medicaid cost reports is not “another” bullet point on our home page, it is what we do. See our Medicaid cost report pricing below.

Our CPA’s and reimbursement advisors have years of Medicaid cost reporting experience and healthcare accounting knowledge. They are based in our North Texas office where they can be reached personally by phone at any time during business hours. Each of our Medicaid cost report clients is assigned a dedicated cost report preparer.

There are many reasons why one should rely on us for Medicaid cost report preparation needs, but beyond the above, and beyond our expertise, it is our dedication to our clients and our transparent processes that make us one of the most successful CPA firms specializing in healthcare reimbursement in the country.

Medicaid cost reports provided:

L. Beardsley CPA, Inc. files Medicaid cost reports for a wide range of healthcare providers in all 50 states for all programs requiring a cost report. Included are:

  • Nursing Home Medicaid Cost Report
  • Group Homes for ICF/MR Medicaid Cost Report
  • Home and Community based Services - HCS Medicaid Cost Report
  • Primary Home Care - PHC Medicaid Cost Report
  • Community Based Alternative - CBA Medicaid Cost Report
  • Assisted Living / Residential Care - AL/RC Medicaid Cost Report
  • Adult Day Care Center Medicaid Cost Report
  • Hospital Medicaid Cost Report

L. Beardsley CPA, Inc. also provides Medicaid cost report services to other CPA’s and Healthcare consulting organizations. Call us today at (817) 469-6800 if you wish to become a reseller of our Medicaid cost report preparation services.

Medicaid cost report preparation deliverables and available optional services

Once done, your Medicaid cost report is uploaded in the secure File Cabinet section of our website where it will remain available 24/7 for you and the other authorized users of our system to whom you have granted access. Your Medicaid cost report is then filed electronically or delivered to you for signature prior to being sent to your State. Available optional services include:

  • Medicaid cost report defense or re-opening
  • Help in the review, appeal and revision of your Medicaid cost reports to help you recover what you are owed.
  • Medicaid recoupment calculations
  • Expert testimony
  • Medicaid Audit Support for onsite or desk review responses

Flat Medicaid Cost Report Pricing

Our prices are low, transparent, flat, and all-inclusive. No hidden fees. No hidden costs. 

Medicaid Cost Report Checklists

Our Medicaid Cost Report instructions and forms are one of the means we use to save you time and streamline the Medicaid Cost Reporting process. Our Medicaid cost report submission checklists are updated regularily to reflect changes in regulations.


Medicaid Cost Report preparation recommendations

Start early to help avoid any Medicaid payment suspension. This will provide time to solve any issue before the due date, should your Medicaid cost report be rejected for reasons beyond our control.

Use our Checklists/Forms to compile the necessary information and documents; build a conservative timeline, and assign tasks.

Use your own billing and accounting data. Your financial statements need not be audited by your CPA to be used in your Medicaid cost report preparation.

Include all worksheets in the submission. Some may be left blank if not applicable, but they still need to be included in the complete report.

Avoid discrepancies. Data should be consistent from year to year, and past adjustments should be applied to the new cost report.

Do not forget to sign your documents.

Medicaid Cost Report FAQ's

Where do we start? Should I start by downloading and filling out your Medicaid cost report form?

Yes, but give us a call first as particular circumstances may call for particular cost report preparation recommendations.

What is my Medicaid cost report due date?

Medicaid Cost reports must be sent (postmarked) on or before March 31st.


Lawrence J. Beardsley CPA Inc. also provides Medicare cost report preparation services, Medi-Cal cost report preparation services and Enhanced Staffing Reimbursement Report preparation services.