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Cost Reports

medicare cost reportDo you have CMS Cost Report Compliance Needs? We are a professional accounting firm which prepares Medicare Cost Reports and Medicaid Cost Reports throughout the United States as well as Medi-Cal Cost Reports in California and Enhanced Staffing Reports in Texas.

Medicare Cost Report Preparation

Medicare cost report preparation is a complex, ever-changing and exacting legal obligation. Since both compliance and accuracy in Medicare cost reporting are key to uninterrupted and maximized CMS reimbursements, it is of crucial importance to the financial health of your organization. L. Beardsley CPA, Inc. is one of the largest and oldest dedicated providers of Medicare reimbursement and cost report services in the nation (we provide Medicare Cost Reports for all 50 States and territories). With over 25 years of Medicare cost reporting experience, our team has the expertise that you need to turn your Medicare cost report preparation into a seamless and inexpensive opportunity to optimize your revenue.

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Medicaid Cost Report Preparation

L. Beardsley CPA, Inc. prepares annual Medicaid cost reports, schedules, and electronic submission files. We also prepare the “Crosswalk” which ties our clients’ books to their cost reports and provides a necessary audit trail. We prepare Medicaid cost reports for all 50 states for all programs requiring a cost report.

With over 50 years of combined Medicaid cost report preparation experience the L. Beardsley CPA team has the experience and in-depth knowledge needed to ensure that you receive timely reports and maximized reimbursements.

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Medi-Cal Cost Report Preparation

We have been preparing Medi-cal cost reports for over 25 years. Our staff attends regular training in the preparation of Medi-cal and other CMS cost reports to ensure that you receive accurate and timely reports. We also prepare your “Crosswalk” which ties your books to the cost report and provides an audit trail. We can prepare your annual cost report, schedules, and electronic submission file.

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Medicaid Enhanced Staffing Reimbursement Reports

We can prepare your annual Texas Enhanced Staffing Reports. We prepare reports for Texas nursing homes, ICF/MR, HCS, PHC and CBA programs. We can also provide you with calculations to show where you are regarding any recoupment from the State.

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