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Medicare Patient Billing Services

We perform Medicare billing and follow-up on your claims each day to ensure timely payment directly to you. One of the advantages our clients find in outsourcing their billing to our company is that they have consistency of staff, don’t have to provide for training and re-training of staff in response to employee turnover and have a broader level of experience to handle their Medicare collections.

Let us help you improve your Medicare billing and collection program!

medicare-billingOur staff have many years of experience and receive on-going training in Medicare billing to better serve you. We can provide you with professional billing services or we can train your staff to be efficient billers.

We provide you with a "Worksheet" to organize each patient's information for billing. This is a very efficient way to aide you in getting your information to us so we can bill. We work hard for you to get all claims paid. We follow-up on any denials or rejections to make sure all the information is provided and your claims pay as soon as possible.

Compliance Plan - We provide you with a "quality assurance" plan for your billing which ensures you are compliant with Medicare requirements.

Please call today to discuss how we may help you with your billing need at (817) 469-6800