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Online Business Management Software

Not all healthcare providers need expensive healthcare-specific software solutions. Sometimes, lighter alternatives that integrate with QuickBooks and the tools you already use are a better option. (If you are using a generic solution like QuickBooks® for your accounting needs, you will likely be better-off with generic software tools for the daily management of your activity.) The gains in simplicity, focus, cost and non-disruptiveness outstrip the benefits provided by all-inclusive, industry-specific alternatives.

We can help you build and leverage your IT ecosystem with optimum recommendations, solutions and hands-on support in the following area:

  • Business Management Suite (BMS)
  • QuickBooks® Synchronization (with BMS)
  • Outlook® Synchronization (with BMS)
  • Offsite Administrative assistance
  • Website/Self-Service Portal
  • Telephony & PBX
  • MS Exchange® alternative
  • IT support

Your IT Ecosystem

Why invest tens of thousands of dollars in a healthcare software solution when a standard application can easily be customized to emulate the same functionalities (e.g: registration & enrollment of patients; waiting lists; electronic health records; appointments involving multiple practitioners;  prior-approval tracking; accident or incident tracking; order entry for medications or treatments; single or multiple facilities; document and image tracking; HIPAA regulations concerns... etc.)?

Our Business Management suite is an application that provides you with all the tools needed to run a small to midsize organization (over 450 tools and functionalities). It is natively web-based and thus can be accessed from any computer or smartphone, anywhere in the world. (No equipement needed and no Citrix® either)

Our system is built on today's most advanced and robust Open-Source Customer Relationship Management system (SugarCRM®). Surpassing older technologies which revolve around an accouting core, this new approach lets you manage your organization in a more patient-centric fashion.

  • Personal and shared calendaring
  • Activity management (meetings, calls, tasks, notes, attachments)
  • Contact/record management
  • Email and attachement management (also synchronizes with Outlook®)
  • Partner management (e.g.: doctors within a healthcare operation)
  • Resource/asset management (rooms, equipment, vehicles…)
  • Incident management
  • Order management (pricing, proposals, orders, deliveries, invoicing, payments, refunds)
  • Procurement management (vendors, pricing, PO's, receiving, bills)
  • Document/Image management (repository with version tracking)
  • Project management, with profit & loss tracking
  • HR management, timesheets, expense processing
  • Basic inventory management
  • Workflow management/alerts (e.g.: low inventory, overdue payments…) 
  • Customizable user interface
  • Customizable fields
  • Data import/export
  • Analytics (reports & dashboard; CSV, html, PDF; scheduling & bursting...)
  • Multi's (multi-location, multi-time zone, multi-inventory, etc.)
  • Multi-level access control/security
  • QuickBooks® synchronization (see corresponding tab)
  • Outlook® and Google synchronization (see corresponding tab)
  • Self-service Portal integration (see corresponding tab)
  • Telephony/Voice conferencing integration (see corresponding tab)
  • Hosted PBX integration (see corresponding tab)
  • Groupware platform integration (see corresponding tab)
  • Web conferencing integration
  • eCommerce integration (an add-on to the portal)

$300 per user One-time license fee the first year / $60 upgrade fee for subsequent years (2 user minimum)

$130 per hour for implementation services

Please call today to discuss how we may help you at (817) 469-6800

Do you or your accountant use Quickbooks? Why buy a bloated "super package" of functionalities that costs more for unneeded accounting software? This is what many healthcare-industry-specific applications do.

Conversely, our Business Management Suite does not. Instead, it can be automatically synchronized with QuickBooks®** using the QuickBooks Web Connector at intervals you define. This makes our solution more flexible, extensible and easier to manage. And you do not even need to own QuickBooks. The following items are synchronized:

  • Clients/Patients (companies in QuickBooks®)  
  • Suppliers  
  • Product Catalog (item list in QuickBooks®)  
  • Quotes (estimates in QuickBooks®)  
  • Invoices  
  • Bills  
  • Received payments & AR balances  
  • Outgoing payments & AP balances  
  • Currencies  
  • Taxes

**QuickBooks® (2006 or later; Pro & higher versions)

$1400 One-time license fee the first year / $350 upgrade fee for subsequent years

$130 per-hour implementation services

Please call today to discuss how we may help you at (817) 469-6800

If you are managing a small or midsize organization, chances are that MS Outlook® plays a big role in your life and the life of your staff. Whereas traditional industry-specific solutions ignore this crucial fact, our Business management Solution does not.

Our Business management Suite synchronizes with Outlook® so that everything that you do with Outlook® that relates to your clients, patients or suppliers can find its way into the corresponding records in your Business Management Suite (where your colleagues can see it): email, calendar, contacts, tasks are synchronized - via a plugin in Outlook® - to and from your Business Management Suite.

The Outlook Connector is free with our Business Management Suite

$130 per-hour implementation services

Please call today to discuss how we may help you at (817) 469-6800

The integrity and coherence of the "People, Process & Technology" chain is a sine qua non for success in matters of business management software. This is why our services cut through the entire "People, Process & Technology" chain. We help our clients define their processes; we implement fitting technology; and we can provide Administrative Assistants to run both technology and processes.

Define simple processes that can be outsourced and rely on us and our administrative assistants for their execution.

Prices vary. Please call today to discuss how we may help you at (817) 469-6800

As an entirely new site, or as a new section in your existing website, our Self-Service Portal will let your patients and partners access some of the information that relates to them in your Business Management Suite. It provides them with a new means of collaboration with you.

With a 24/7 self-service site, your staff's workload and labor costs are reduced, while your patients and partners receive a better service. (The Portal can also be installed as a stand-alone application. It is built on award winning Open-Source Content Management Systems.)

When linked to our Business Management Suite, the Portal comes with the following preset functionalities:

  • Request for registration into the Portal
  • Registration to events and seminars    
  • Newsletter registration    
  • Request for "sales" information    
  • Company directory with contact forms & link to your website
  • Access to password reset/change    
  • Front-page dashboard with key account information
  • View/Edit access to “My Contact Info”    
  • Access to "my proposals"    
  • Comment form for client/patient reply to proposals   
  • Proposal Approval button
  • New proposal request
  • Access to orders
  • Access to invoices
  • Online payment of invoices (online credit card processing)
  • Access to Payment history
  • Report an issue (& attached documents & notes)    
  • Access to new service requests
  • Access to incidents (& attached documents & notes)
  • Access to & collaboration on projects (attachments & notes)    
  • Access to events    
  • Access to knowledge base    
  • Access to FAQ    
  • Access to forum    
  • Partner access to "their" clients/patients, leads/waiting list, invoices, etc.

The Customer Service Portal is free with or without our Business Management Suite

$130 per-hour implementation services

Please call today to discuss how we may help you at (817) 469-6800

Why invest in expensive proprietary telephony equipment when a free Open-Source software solution can do the Job (Asterisk®)? Why even pay for a T1, or phone lines when ordinary super-high-speed internet connections and VoIP lines can do the job for a portion of the cost? Whatever your telephony needs may be, we can help.

Our Asterisk® PBX solution can be premises-based or hosted. It switches both PSTN and VoIP calls. It supports the standard signaling types used in traditional business phone systems and can bridge next generation voice-data networks with older infrastructure (You can use it with ordinary phones as well as IP phones or ATA's that connect directly to a network/internet wall socket).

Our system allows geographically distributed teams to communicate with the outside world and within themselves as single location entities (e.g.: your staff at home or on the road, your web-assistants and the PBX of your main facility.)

Features include: Click to dial and Screen pop-up on incoming call (both when used with our business Management Suite), Call Queuing, Music on Hold, Caller ID, Call Hunt, Call Waiting, Call Transfer, Call forwarding, Call Screening, Call Paging/Parking, Three-way Calling, SMS Messaging, Agent Call Recording/Monitoring, Calling cards, Reporting, Fax support, etc:

With or without PBX, we can also help you get the phone numbers you need (DID's) and select and set-up primary and secondary carriers for your phone or trunk lines. You will be able to easily implement least cost routing (via VoIP) and setup PSTN Fallback trunks to reroute your calls in case of network failure.

Please call today to discuss how we may help you at (817) 469-6800

If your needs extend beyond the simple synchronization of Outlook® records between individual PC's and our Business Management Suite; or if you do not use our Suite but yet need a Microsoft Exchange® alternative to share Outlook® with your staff, we can help.

Our Groupware platform integrates with a Linux mailserver*. It provides native mobile phone support with ActiveSync compatible smartphones: iPhone® (2.X & up), Android® (2.1 & up), and Windows Mobile®, as well as for BlackBerry® (via BES®), and E-Series Nokia® phones (via Nokia's Mail for Exchange).

Smartphone features include push email, and background, realtime over-the-air bi-directional synchronization of calendars, contacts, tasks, & notes. It synchronizes with your Business Management Suite and can even sync with Thunderbird®.

The Groupware platform also provides an Outlook "Look & Feel" web-access (to email, calendars, contacts, tasks, & folders) and a resource/asset management feature that can be handy in the healthcare industry (reservation of rooms, equipment…). It works with Outlook® 2000, 2002/XP, 2003 and 2007.

*We can setup your Linux mailserver as part of the Groupware platform setup.

Interested in setting up the Groupware Platform or email accounts only. We can help. Please call today at (817) 469-6800

Why rely on anybody but us for IT support? We know by trade how to balance your need for organization and efficiency with your need to keep IT costs in check. We can :

  • setup your domaine name if you need one (
  • setup your email accounts
  • create and/or maintain your website or portal (see corresponding tab)
  • setup and/or maintain your network
  • setup and/or maintain your PC's and applications
  • setup and/or maintain your servers (file server, print server...)
  • setup and/or maintain your servers (file or print servers and peripherals)
  • setup and/or maintain you automated backups

95$ per hour

Please call today to discuss how we may help you at (817) 469-6800