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IT Solutions & Services

L beardsley cpa IT servicesComputer software and support must be state-of-the-art in order to keep your business running smoothly. We can provide you with practical, dependable solutions to your accounting software,  and business management needs. We can also support your healthcare IT needs.

CBS Accounting Software

Our Web-based Bookkeeping Solution is a state-of-the art, on-line accounting program which works great for healthcare companies of all sizes. Since it is an on-line product, it is great for businesses that need a dependable back up of their information and want to safeguard their information from any loss or problems with their hardware. We can get you started with this on-line accounting system and make the transition simple.

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Medicare & Medicaid Patient Billing IT services

If you are billing Medicare claims or Private claims and need assistance in setting up the Network Service Vendor system your need to process electronic claims and check eligibilities, we are able to help. We can guide you through the application and hardware setup process. Please contact us with any needs you might have regarding your EDI connection to intermediaries.


Online Business Management Software

Not all healthcare providers need expensive healthcare-specific software solutions. Sometimes, lighter alternatives that integrate with QuickBooks and the tools you already use are a better option. (If you are using a generic solution like QuickBooks® for your accounting needs, you will likely be better-off with generic software tools for the daily management of your activity.) The gains in simplicity, focus, cost and non-disruptiveness outstrip the benefits provided by all-inclusive, industry-specific alternatives.

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