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Monthly & Year-end Accounting Services

We can prepare your monthly balance sheet and income statement and a monthly "Management Report" to help you control your business:

  • Bank Reconciliation - We reconcile your books to the bank account to make certain you are capturing all your costs and have accurate accounting.

  • Financial Statements - Your monthly transactions are compiled and put into helpful reports for you to use in management and for reporting on your taxes and cost report. We book your revenues, departmental expenses, capital assets, depreciation, loan amortization, credit card expense,  tax expense, liabilities and net worth accounting information. This is all done according to Medicare and Medicaid regulations and in a way which flows efficiently to your tax return and cost reports.

  • Management Reports - We customize a management report which clearly shows you where you are financially. This report is a 12 month side-by-side comparison of key management numbers. It highlights your key numbers in a concise way which you can read while "walking down the hall". We customize this report to meet your needs, but it normally shows comparitive numbers such as monthly average census, average revenue per patient day, amount of cash collected during month, total labor as a percent of total revenue, etc.


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