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Bookkeeping & Payroll for healthcare providers [more]

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Accounting & Payroll

l beardsley cpa healthcare accounting.pngAccounting and Payroll are vital to capturing costs for your tax return and cost reports. We can design a plan to provide you with professional accounting services for your company that will help you manage your finances!

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Medicare & Medicaid Compliant Payroll Services

We can prepare your payroll in our office and over-night your payroll checks directly to your office. In this process we track your employee hours, wages and payroll taxes according to department as is required by Medicaid and Medicare. Our services include preparing· your quarterly and annual payroll tax returns for both state and federal taxes.

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Monthly & Year-end Accounting Services

We can prepare your monthly balance sheet and income statement and a monthly "Management Report" to help you control your business:

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Accounting Software Solutions

Our Thomson Reuters Bookkeeping Solution is a great program for accounting. It is a full service accounting software program which you access "on-line". In other words, there is no data on your hard drive to loose in the event of a computer problem. Nor is there data on your computer that would go away if someone stole your computer. Your data is safely stored remotely on computers maintained by Thomson Reuters, one of the foremost accounting software companies.

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Monthly HUD ABC reports

Do you have a HUD loan? If so, we can prepare your monthly ABC reports for HUD and keep you in compliance.